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Support - Placing New Orders

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When will an out-of-stock item come back in stock?
We buy items from open marketplaces and artists across India and there are no tie-ups with any specific artist or supplier. As a result, it is very difficult to re-stock an out-of-stock item. We keep adding fresh inventory from time to time but in different categories. Once in a while an out-of-stock item comes back in stock during such updates but it really is impossible for us to provide a timeline of when any particular item will come back in stock. We suggest you sign up with us for our monthly product updates as well as for a permanent 10% discount on all purchases made as a member.
Why are most items in your website showing "out-of-stock"?
You are probably browsing either a "sold items" collection in our website or have included "sold items" in your search parameters because of which you are seeing too many out-of-stock items. We suggest you start browsing from our home page to see the 8000+ items we have in stock.
Why am I not being able to add more than one piece of an item into my shopping cart?
Most items in our inventory are available in quantity of one or two and as a result we are unable to offer multiple pieces of the same item, in most cases. You will be able to add only the quantity available with us into your shopping cart, for any particular item.
Can I buy items in bulk for a special discount?
Most items in our inventory are available in quantity of one or two and as a result we are unable to offer bulk quantity for any particular item. We do not have tie-ups with specific suppliers or artists which is why we cannot offer our items in bulk. However, we do offer attractive discounts if you buy multiple items in one order. If you buy four or more items (of different kinds) in an order, you get a straight 10% discount on the total price of items. If you wish to buy ten or more items in one order, please contact us by clicking here.
Can I order a custom size/color for a particular product?
We are sorry but we are unable to offer variations in sizes or color of any product. The only sizes/colors available are those that have been shown in our website. Unfortunately we do not have specific suppliers who can supply us with colors/sizes on demand.
Why am I seeing prices in a foreign currency?
Our system tries to identify which country you are accessing our website from and displays the currency for prices accordingly. If you are seeing an incorrect currency, it might be because you are accessing the website through a proxy server (which is sometimes the case when you access the website from your office) or through a mobile browser like Opera Mini which routes all traffic through US based servers sometimes resulting in incorrect detection of origin countries. Here are links for you to view the items in specific currencies.
Indian Rupees  |  US Dollars  |  Euros  |  British Pounds  |  Australian Dollars  |  Japanese Yen  |  Canadian Dollars  |  Mexican Peso
Do you have a store or showroom in my city?
We are a completely online store and do not have any physical store anywhere in the world. Our office is based in Gurgaon, India but we are unable to invite you to view a sample before buying. In case you are worried about its quality or condition, please be assured that you will get exactly what you see in our website. Each item is photographed separately and what you get is the item whose photograph has been shown. Sizes have been mentioned along side each item in our website to help you estimate its size. In case you are worried about the item not meeting your expectations or it being different from what is shown in our website, please refer to our returns policy to find out how you can return the item for a refund. Please also be assured that we have been selling online since 2002 and have a robust shipping policy which takes care of the buyer by specifying that if a shipped item does not reach the buyer within a predefined number of days, we would issue a full refund to the buyer.
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ur site is fabulous.informative.
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I was very, very happy with my former purchase from you. Looking forward to doing more business...
- David Hornberger
Thank you very much, today i have received my order.Jewellery are lovely!
- Kristyna Jolicoeur
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